Asian Beatles

Asian Beetles are a problem for homeowners when they move inside our homes and other structures seeking a protected place for winter and then when they decide to once again move outdoors as the weather warms in the spring. When this happens, the following proactive and control actions are useful:

Proactive Measures:

  • Seal gaps and cracks where Asian Beetles may enter the structure.
  • Pay close attention to areas such as siding, doors, windows, chimneys, ridge, soffit and gable vents and openings around pipes, conduit and utility wires.
  • Repair or replace damaged window or door screens

Control Measures:

The first thing to do when dealing with Asian Beetles is to contact Pest Defense. Pest Defense will correctly identify the pest insects and provide a plan for dealing with the problem.

Some other effective and safe methods to deal with Asian Beetles are:

  • Use a vacuum and be sure to empty the vacuum bag after using it. Use a broom, sweep the insects into a dustpan or other container and put them outdoors.
  • Use insect light traps in locations that stay relatively dark and attractive to ladybug beetles such as attics.
  • If the above methods do not work to your satisfaction, Pest Defense may apply the proper insecticides at the right time of the year to control Asian Beetles before they get inside your home.