Boxelder bugs are rapid reproducers and can cause serious damage to your home and garden. These tiny critters move between your yard and house depending on the season. Although they are not dangerous, they will consume your plant life and overrun your home. They have an invasive hibernation pattern and will swarm by the thousands.

Boxelder Facts

  • Appearance: The boxelder is a small, oval shaped bug with wings. They are identifiable by the red stripes along their bodies.
  • Habitat: During the warmer spring and summer months, boxelders will infest maple, boxelder, and ash trees. During the winter months they will nest in homes and offices and hibernate unless the rooms are heated.
  • Food: Plant life, such as flowers and leaves are a boxelder bugs staple food source. Boxelder bugs also destroy the trees that they live in by drinking the nutrients the tree provides.
  • Reproduction: Boxelder bugs will lay their rust colored eggs in their host tree or on the leaves of the tree. They hatch in a couple of days and develop completely in a few, short months.
  • Signs of infestation: Plant life will begin to die and dissipate and the trees in your yard will slowly fade. In the fall when the temperatures begin to drop they will swarm to the warm sunny sides of your house or business. When boxelders enter your home you will notice them next to the warm structures within your home like windows and doors. Their droppings are also noticeable and will leave stains on furniture and clothing.

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