There are over 120,000 species of flies worldwide. Flies are considered pests because they pose a health risk to humans, pets and livestock. They can infest your home or business and spread diseases like Salmonella and E. coli. A few species may even bite humans and animals. If a small fly problem is left uncontrolled, it has the potential to turn into a serious infestation. Some fly species are able to mature from eggs to adults in just seven days. There are simple ways you can identify the signs of a fly infestation and reduce the need for fly control. Taking a proactive approach with deterrent measures will also help you avoid costly treatments.

Pest Defense Fly Control Solution:

Using a professional pest control service is the most effective way to prevent a fly issue on your property. Pest Defense can offer effective, targeted fly control tailored to your requirements. Treatments will include the identification of any potential breeding sites to provide a long-term solution to keep you, your home and your business safe from harm.